New Jersey governor, Chris Christie will lead a new Task Force to reduce Opiate Addiction. The project is very near to the politician's heart as his friend died after overdosing on painkillers. Ever since Christie vowed to do "whatever it takes" to combat the pain medicine addiction crisis in America.

Limit opiate prescriptions

One of Christie's plans is to limit the number of opiate prescriptions that a physician can write. He hopes that by limiting the number of scripts the doctor can write for his patients, he will be cautious about dispensing the medication.

Many people caution that this policy could cause harm to people who really need pain medication. If a doctor is forced to limit the medicine, people who do not have a problem with the pain medicine could be denied access.

Christie honored to head opiate task force

The New Jersey governor has a few idea in mind how to reduce the drug addiction in America. He will meet with President Trump in the next few weeks to outline their plan. As soon as they meet, the press will have a better idea how Christie plans to combat opiate addiction in the United States.

Do you think limiting opiate prescriptions will reduce addiction?How do you think Trump and Christie will fight opiate addiction?