Gov. Chris Christie admitted that there's no way to "sugarcoat" it, the Republican failed to get the Health Care Bill approved, NJ reported. Christie has faith that Trump will work with Congress to develop a new plan that will make both parties happy.

It isn't over

The New Jersey governor says health care reform is "far from over." He has faith that President Trump will work on a new plan but he admitted that it may be "difficult" for the parties to come to an agreement.

Chris explained that Trump has only been president for nine weeks and he is still learning.

He believes that eventually, Trump administration will come with a health care bill that most of Americans are happy with.

Can the Republicans come up with another plan?

Christie said after both parties had time to recover from the failed Health Care Reform bill, they can come together and figure out another plan. Chris argued that it took President Obama 15 months to get the Affordable Care Act passed.

Chris Christie noted that Trump has 199 weeks left in his term. He feels confident that the president will "come up with a new plan" soon.