Ever since the start of his campaign for president, Donald Trump used his popularity and following across social media to get his message across. After almost three months in the White House, the president is still using Twitter as his number one form of communication.

Trump on Twitter

When Donald Trump appeared at Trump Tower in June 2015 and announced that he was officially going to run for president, the initial reaction from the majority of the media and the American people was that it was nothing more that a publicity stunt and joke. However, within months, Trump saw his poll numbers increase, as he took shot after shot at his Republican primary opponents, leading to his nomination at the Republican National Convention last July.

The former host of "The Apprentice" rode that momentum to a victory in the general election over Hillary Clinton, owing much of his success to his use of social media. White he was often criticized for how he lashed out on Twitter, it was enough to reach potential voters and bypass the critical mainstream media as Trump is now in the White House as the commander in chief. While this may be the case, Trump has been dealing with a controversial start to his presidency, with various scandals hanging over his administration. As seen on his Twitter account on April 12, the president is doing his best to change the narrative.

Taking to his Twitter feed on Wednesday night, Donald Trump did his best to spin the news in his favor.

"Economic confidence is soaring as we unleash the power of private sector job creation and stand up for the American Workers," Trump tweeted out, while using the hashtag "#AmericaFirst." Though Trump has decided to promote the economy in his social media message, the latest jobs report wasn't so positive. According to CNBC last week, the United States added only 98,000 jobs, compared to an expected 180,000.

In a follow-up tweet, Donald Trump vowed that "big changes" were taking place. "One by one we are keeping our promises - on the border, on energy, on jobs, on regulations," he wrote on Twitter, before concluding, "Big changes are happening!"

Moving forward

Donald Trump has been known to push questionable information when times are tough for himself and the White House, and it appears that was the goal during his latest pair of tweets. With the president approaching his 100th day in office, only time will tell if he will be as successful as he hopes to be.