It is not just a game, it is a mind manipulation tool. Blue Whale game series is a set of 50 challenges which have to be completed over a span of 50 days. It includes things like watching scary movies, cutting off one's lips, carving a whale on one's hand with a cutting chip and much more. The game gets its name from a typical conviction that blue whales wilfully shoreline themselves, keeping in mind the end goal is to take their own lives.

This game is pulling in adolescents as young as 12-years of age in Russia and Asian nations. Recent reports propose that this game could spread across Europe, the US and into the UK.

Russian media has announced that over 100 children have committed suicide because of this game.

Police in Russia have closed down a few of these websites in the past, however, more have popped up.

In 2015, a 17-year-old Russian teenager posted a selfie online, minutes ahead of jumping before an approaching train. The driver saw the girl and attempted to stop the train nut he couldn't.

There have been more than 100 deaths reported due to this game. Children are getting manipulated to the point which leads them to take their own lives.

The admins urge kids to commit suicide by persuading them through saying things like "you're fat," "you're not required," "you're not loved." At the same time, they disclose to them that there is a different universe, waiting for their arrival.

Do not try to play this game

You cannot locate the Blue Whale Challenge on App Store, or Google. As per reports, game masters approach children through private messages and chats.

Maybe your intention is to play and catch the mastermind. However, remember that any individual who can urge an innocent high schooler to take their own life is capable of crossing limits which you cannot even imagine.

Clicking a link someone sends you or even downloading a document could uncover a security breach on your smartphones or PC that gives an open way to the administrator to save your personal information which they could then use to extort, control or deceive you into playing.

Ways to keep children away from this game

  • Keep a check on their Social Networking websites (especially if they're having an unfamiliar conversation with someone unknown)
  • Instruct them to avoid downloading or clicking on unwanted or suspicious links.
  • Have frequent virus scans of your mobile phone and PC/Laptop
  • Change account passwords on a daily basis
  • Explain your children about the consequences of this game