Every one of us has days when we simply need to escape from civilization and spend personal time at some distant place. Here are three Places you can visit this summer with your loved ones.


Searching for a health spa by the ocean? Or unique dining experience? If yes, Bali is the destination for you. From great inns, grand manors, to the most abnormal places you can consider, one thing's without a doubt – a stay in Bali won't be exhausting at any rate, well at least not if you pick the correct spots. If you're an animal lover, you can stay at a Safari Park.

Fish lover? You can stay in the water villas. Environmentalists can live in a villa made of bamboo sticks. A futurist can live in one of the futuristic hotels. There are uncountable options to suit every person's needs in Bali.

Dining at unique places with weird themes is another famous thing about Bali

If you have a solid stomach and plenty of guts, Frankenstein's Laboratory enables you to eat with huge animals, and even Frankenstein himself. You can dine on the edge of an active volcano, that's right. You may think why anybody in their correct mind would be in the mindset to eat while roasted on a well of lava, yet here's the catch – you get stunning landscapes of the wonderful crater known as Lake Batur (however splattered with deposit magma from past eruptions), and the surroundings are really sufficiently sentimental for a date or two.

Apart from accommodation and dining, Bali has more things to offer; theme parks, safaris (where the Komodo dragons walk right beneath you), infinity pools, Balinese culture and unbelievable natural attractions.

Malaga, Spain

Málaga is a world separated from the connecting Costa del Sol: a memorable and socially rich capital which is seemingly perpetually in the shadow of the famous Andalucian urban communities of Granada, Córdoba, and Seville.

With magnificent hostels, motels and breath-taking views, Malaga City will never disappoint you. You can see the dolphins migrating from one sea shore to another, huge ships in the ports, and beautiful green gardens in the middle of the city center. Malaga is a world of its own, it is a part of Spain's psyche itself.

"You will never be sad when you're in Malaga." That's a promise by locals to the tourists.

With its rich flamenco culture, celebrations in Malaga are incredibly beautiful. With the taco culture, performances, bull-fighting competitions, and juicy food. the city will never let you down.

Rajasthan, India

Deeply enriched with various cultures and rituals, Rajasthan is a traditional state, full of beautiful artifacts and monuments.

A few cities that you need to visit in Rajasthan are:

• Udaipur - City of Lakes

• Jaipur - The Pink City

• Bhangarh - Ghost Town of Bhangarh

• Bera - The city of leopards

• Jaisalmer - Sand dunes, rides, and beautiful architecture

There is no exact way to describe the state of Rajasthan. It is the heart of India filled with lovely people and the most beautiful buildings. It's true what they say, "You need to visit Rajasthan once in your lifetime."