Despite all efforts, Dog Fighting is a continual problem. Congress made it a crime but animal welfare group’s estimate that a significant number of people are still involved in the act. In fact, the problem is growing rather than stopping. Dog fighting is a serious problem, with tens of thousands of people involved in organized dog fights along with street fights with dogs. Numerous animals die annually as a result of this illegal activity. Another criminal event in Louisiana led to the arrest of three men and rescue of 17 emaciated, unhealthy animals.

The recent dog fighting bust in Louisiana history

Authorities were summoned to a property at Holoman Loop in Dubberly in Louisiana, resulting in shock. They noted at least 17 dogs, including seven puppies that were covered with parasites, emaciated and lacking medical attention. Some of the dogs clearly had bite marks on their ears, face, and body. Others had untreated medical issues that could be fatal if left untreated. Many of the animals were tethered with heavy logging chains, barely able to move. The chains were hammered on a post into the ground. They had no water or food. One of the three men, Randall Tims, is being charged with 17 counts of felony Animal cruelty along with 17 counts of failure to vaccinate any of the dogs for rabies.

Reportedly, Tims pulled a gun on a person during a dogfight on the alleged property. The man also faces drug and weapon charges.

Additional locations reveal dog fighting ring

Five additional dogs were rescued at a property on Highway 80 in Minden, Louisiana. Laracco Batton at that place was charged with five counts of animal cruelty.

Ketrick Frazier on Lorex Road in Minden was also arrested when authorities discovered another eight dogs at his location, dehydrated, emaciated and in horrific body condition. In addition to the dogs, authorities found equipment that was consistent with dogfight training. Frazier was also facing eight counts of felony animal cruelty.

Animal lovers and advocates are outraged with these new findings and rescues, asking prosecutors to ensure all three of these men get the maximum penalty for their actions. We need to get justice for all these innocent dogs. Dog fighting is a horrific crime and enforcement of the laws need to be tougher and take a stand against these practices, ensuring that the abusers involved get the maximum penalties, at least one count of animal cruelty for each animal in each situation. Stop dog fighting!