Alex Jones suffered a major defeat late Thursday night when the jury ruled 10-2 in favor of Kelly Jones' right to primary custody of their children. The decision came after 9 and 1/2 hours of deliberation amongst the jury. Kelly Jones will decide to have the children stay with her and Alex will have visitation rights which will increase as time goes on. This was the grueling end of a nine-day trial that clearly took a toll on both sides of the custody case. Alex previously had primary custody of their three kids. His ex-wife complained that she only saw her children only five times so far this year which also had to be supervised.

Alex Jones portrayed as a cult leader with a narcissistic personality disorder

Kelly Jones' lawyers made the main argument that Alex wasn't fit to raise his three kids ages nine,12, and 14. They said Alex had a cult leader type mentality where he basically brainwashed his kids and turned them against their mother. The oldest son has even made a few appearances on Alex's Infowars show parroting Alex Jones' conspiratorial right wing rhetoric. Her lawyers also made the case that Alex's wild on air persona was ultimately detrimental to the kids well being. Alex's lawyers refuted that claim by stating that Alex was merely a performance artist that uses satire and humor to emphasize his political talking points which he truly believes.

However judge Naranjo made it clear that Infowars wasn't on trial and for the most part refused to let evidence in that would cast Alex's syndicated radio show in a negative light. Despite that a psychologist diagnosed Alex Jones with a Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Alex's ironic case that his ex wife was paranoid and conspiratorial fell flat

In the closing arguments by Alex's attorneys they asserted that Kelly Jones was herself conspiratorial and paranoid that believed the court appointed therapists and counselors were corrupt officials working for the state to conspire against her. Alex earlier took the stand and characterized his ex-wife as a mother with no redeeming qualities.

His lawyers also painted a picture that she was unfit and unstable to look after the safety of her kids with a condition she had which therapists labelled emotional dysregulation. This technical term implies that Kelly Jones had poor emotional responses to negative situations that arose during this long fought custody battle. The court appointed therapists went on to explain that the kids were actually afraid to be around her when she was in that state of mind. Kelly's attorneys fought back that the only reason she had emotional dysregulation was because of Alex Jones' actions which caused her kids to turn against her. The term they used was parental alienation.

Kelly Jones says parental alienation and Alex's angry, volatile, conspiracy minded personality was damaging to their kids

Ms. Jones proclaimed through her attorneys that parental alienation was the main reason why her kids were scared to be around her. Her attorneys portrayed Alex as a master manipulator that estranged her kids from her as a form of emotional abuse that erased positive memories of their mother. Kelly's attorney Robert Hoffman, painted a picture that Alex manipulated the kids to believe that their mother was the worst mom on the planet. He went on to describe Alex Jones using his fame and money to escape detection while Kelly faced the vast majority of criticism from the family court system.

Kelly took the stand on Tuesday describing her ex-husband as an angry, volatile person with racist and homophobic views. She added that he was enraged and out of control most of the time she was with him. She also shared that Alex doesn't believe in vaccinating their kids and was concerned that his delusional beliefs were negatively affecting their kids and that they were morphing into him. This ugly custody battle, of course, will not help the kids emotionally and will have a lot of healing ahead of them. Below is a video of Kelly Jones celebrating her custody battle victory and her stance on bringing about awareness to the ugly syndrome of parental alienation and helping others to overcome it.