Fox News is hit with yet another controversy as a former regular Dr. Wendy Walsh accuses the host of “The O’Reilly Factor,” Bill O’Reilly of unwanted sexual advances. She revealed this at a press conference on Monday. Lisa Bloom, Walsh’s lawyer, demands the New York State Division of Human Rights and the New York City Human Rights Commission to investigate the alleged incident.

Dr. Walsh speaks up

Walsh was reluctant to speak up regarding the alleged incident that took place in 2013. However, she wanted to set a good example for her two daughters and eventually gave a detailed account of what has happened.

She claimed that O’Reilly invited her to dinner at the Hotel Bel-Air in early 2013. She has just become a regular commentator on “The O’Reilly Factor.” After they ate, O’Reilly said, “Let’s get out of here.” Both of them walked out, she said.

Walsh said that she assumed that they were headed to the bar to continue their conversation. As they exit the restaurant, she said O’Reilly went right, where the hotel bedrooms were and she went left, where the bar was located and started walking away from each other.

Walsh then stated that O’Reilly caught up with her and said come back to his suit. However, she declined the offer from O'Reilly, who allegedly was angry at the rejection of his offer.

O’Reilly’s alleged reaction

O’Reilly allegedly became very hostile. Walsh claimed that O’Reilly told her to forget any career advice he gave her. In addition, O’Reilly allegedly complained about the cost of soda water Walsh had ordered and called her handbag the ugliest one he had ever seen.

Walsh’s truth is not for sale

According to reports, five women have received $13 million in payments from O’Reilly to stay quiet about alleged sexual harassment.

Walsh said that those women had to take the money, that’s why she has decided to be the voice for them and that her truth is not for sale.

Walsh said that O’Reilly needs to learn to modernize his approach if he wants to find women for sex and that a workplace is not a mating marketplace.