Donald Trump is under pressure. It's a subtle buildup and it must be annoying him. The grand plan to pin a Russian connection on him is sticking and not going away. Donald reacted in his own manner and in tweets brought out that president Obama had allowed his residence to be wiretapped. Trump is confident about his accusations. In one of his tweets, he had squarely accused Obama of wiretapping him, especially after the Democratic nominee had been defeated. Yesterday under mounting pressure the White House press secretary Sean Spicer held a press briefing.

He stated that necessary proof of wiretapping was available. He also stated that Trump has no reason to make a charge if there was no truth in it.

Donald accuses

Trump first tweeted his accusation on March 4 and though President Obama denied it, yet the president is unfazed.Some GOP members also led by John McCain thought it a fit time to settle scores and demanded Trump furnish supporting evidence or simply retract his tweets. Donald had tweeted that what Obama had done was worse than the Watergate scandal

A few minutes earlier he had denounced Obama for ordering his wiretapping and comparing it that infamous man in US politics McCarthy.

The exercise by the White House press secretary was not all that convincing.

Spicer could not pinpoint anything in particular. Not just Spicer but even Vice President Pence was non-committal as he stated that the " the president's tweet speaks for himself".

Assange leaks

Donald is now fighting his battle with his back to the wall. The latest leaks by Assange that show that a grand plan is being hatched to impeach Trump and hand over the presidency to the VP is something he must seriously think about.

It is not in the realm of fantasy. Though the VP has denied this vehemently, yet one must remember there is no smoke without fire. In the meantime. Trump stands by his accusations.


The next few months in the future will be tortuous for the president and it will be interesting to watch how he handles the crisis. His old simile of a boxer with a hostile referee stand and Donald will have to do something spectacular to escape the present crisis.