Donald Trump almost unleashed a Tsunami when he won the US presidential election. The press was left licking its chops as their favorite Hillary was defeated. Worse many GOP leaders who had failed to stop the rise of Donald and his eventual victory were looking for ways to undermine Donald as president. The name of the game is to stop Donald and then try and build up support against him. The net result, though not stated is eventually to impeach him.The gathering storm all around clearly shows that the future of Donald as the president looks a little dim.

He is cornered on his Russian policy and one his proteges General Flynn had to be removed and another the AG Jeff Sessions is under attack.The man leading the charge against Donald is senior Senator John McCain.

Opposing Donald

Donald's latest statement that the Ex-President Obama allowed his headquarters to be wiretapped has stirred controversy.John McCain has asked the president to either furnish proof or retract the accusation. Paul Ryan also would like some evidence. Obama has denied he did anything like this. The hope of Donald that his accusation will take the heat of the Russian connection is not working.

Many are also opposing the travel ban of Donald. The state of Hawaii has already gone to court on this issue, and more will follow.

The Russian connection is not going away. Many GOP leaders are lukewarm in their support, and the press and media are in any case playing up the Russian connection. The outgoing president did enough to keep the evidence of the Russian connection alive.

Battle lines

The battle lines are drawn, and many in the GOP are asking for an investigation into the Russian connection.

The idea is to corner Donald and try and pin something on him.Something that will stick and maybe at a later stage accuses him of treason. This is not farfetched, and one can discern that the overall aim is to finish the president.


Donald is cornered, he is unable to execute his agenda. He is looking more and more vulnerable.

The opponents of Donald are sensing a kill, and the unthinkable act of impeachment could become a reality.An organization "impeach Trump now" has started a campaign and 580,000 have signed the petition.