According to Bloomberg, Jeff Jones, the president of Uber Technologies Inc., has abruptly quit his job. Jones had only been working for the ride-hailing company, for six months. He reportedly became fed up after the ride service experienced many controversial issues. These include allegations of sexual harassment, a work environment that became toxic, and Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, berating an Uber driver. A dash cam caught the incident, and it went viral on the Internet.

Jones had previously been the Chief Marketing Officer for Target. He was quoted as saying that the scandals that plague Uber are not what he signed up for.

Recode quoted Jones as saying that what he experienced while at Uber, conflicted with his beliefs and the way he has always conducted business. There was no mention of where he would go from this point.

Uber against the Taxi cabs

Uber began as an alternative to hailing a taxi cab, and the service quickly caught on. It is estimated that Uber offers services in more than 500 cities around the world. Unfortunately, the company has been experiencing one crisis after another.

When Taxi businesses in New York had a boycott, because of the Muslim travel ban, Uber continued to offer service. And immediately there was an outcry from Twitter, calling for Uber apps to be deleted. And many people did just that.

Taxi companies around the world continue to complain that the services of the online app offers are cutting in on their business and affecting their livelihood. Now with the resignation of their number 2 man Jeff Jones, Uber is really on the hot seat.

The future of Uber

Uber drivers use their vehicles. The drivers, as well as their riders, communicate with the service through an app.

Customers pay in advance, and no money exchanges hands, except for tips. The service also promises and delivers the drivers within 10 minutes. This is something Taxi companies cannot do. If the scandals don't stop, the future of Uber could be in jeopardy. And their customers go back to hailing a cab.