In a dashboard video that was published on Bloomberg, Uber Ceo Travis Kalanick is seen fighting with his driver over taxi fares. The heated argument ended with Kalanick telling the driver to stop blaming Uber.

Travis Kalanick has heated argument with Uber driver

In the video that went viral within minutes of publishing, Travis Kalanick is seen arguing with the driver for Uber Black Service, Uber’s luxury service, Fawzi Kamel. In the video, Kamel is seen complaining to the CEO that the company has raised the standards, but reduced the premium service prices.

To this, Kalanick responds angrily that he does not believe the company has reduced the charges for premium service.

Kamel, in the video, is seen telling the Uber CEO that he lost $97,000 after he leased a car that meets the premium standards set by the company. Kamel has been working with Uber since 2011. After hearing Kamel, Kalanick got agitated and told Kamel that some people do not take responsibility for their troubles and they blame others for their mistakes. He was seen to be very angry and got out of the car and slammed the door.

Uber having a hard time of it lately

The last few weeks have been really bad for Uber after cases of sexual harassment and resigning of top officials came out in the open.

Last week Waymo (a Google subsidiary) sued Uber for stealing their radar technology. Earlier this year, it was reported that around 200,000 people deleted the Uber app in January.

After the video of Kalanick arguing and fighting with his Uber driver went viral on the internet, Kalanick sent an official email to his employees and apologized for his bad behavior.

In the email, he said that he is ashamed of his behavior and added that this is not the way a leader should behave with his employees. He also stated he needed and was going to find leadership help. This is the first time Kalanick has openly agreed that he needs leadership help.

Video recorded by Kamel on February 5

According to Bloomberg, the video was recorded by Kamel on February 5, and Travis Kalanick is first seen traveling with two women seated in the back seat of the cab.

When the ride ends, the two women get out and that is when Kamel talks to Kalanick about his problems.

As Travis gets out of the cab, he wishes Kamel good luck and says that he knows Kamel is not going to go far. With Travis Kalanick‘s new leaked video, Uber’s trouble has only increased.