Early Saturday morning, the President of the United States sent out four tweets that caused immediate ripples. Claiming that someone from the Obama administration had intentionally wiretapped him prior to the presidential election. Not only was the POTUS claiming to have been bugged, but stated that it occurred in his own trump Tower.

With no evidence of any kind following these claims, Trump's assertions seem to have little to no validity. And yet, every American and foreign news outlet has quickly pounced on the POTUS' social media activity.

A Watergate déjà vu all over again?

In May of 1972, Richard Nixon, then POTUS, conspired with others to wiretap the Democratic National Headquarters within the Watergate office complex in Washington, D.C. His election to the office of President was considered a landslide victory over Democratic hopeful George McGovern, who garnered only 17 electoral votes.

Nixon's downfall was not only that he illegally bugged offices, but that he was caught doing so and covered it up. The political fallout was significant with journalistic superstars emerging and political hacks and rats fleeing the governmental scene. Watergate became the media focal point for the remainder of the 1970s and beyond.

Fastforward to 2017.

Offer wiretapping claims similar to Watergate. Create momentum about the bugging taking place in a similar type setting, this time a hotel owned by the sitting President. Provide no initial evidence and hope that an investigation ensues.

Enter a perfectly timed storm

Without a doubt, a wiretapping claim made through social media by the POTUS will create a frenzied response.

The Department of Justice will kick into high gear. National security leaders will take note. Democratic leaders will claim foul. Republican leaders will follow up on claims and accusations. Social media will join in the ruckus. And the news media will keep their toes in the water for either evidence of it occurring or evidence of fraud.

Either way, the POTUS may have effectively turned the focus away from Russia, the Supreme Court nominee, immigration, the Dakota pipeline, job creation, and/or the Great Wall of Mexico for another day.