Reuters is reporting that a day of rallies held in at lest 28 states around the nation in support of U.S. President Donald Trump were marred by violence when rally attendees clashed with Trump protesters in berkeley, California. The Berkeley Trump rally was said to have been part of a "Spirit of America" effort, which was expected to, and did, attract smaller crowds than what was witnessed in the wake of Donald Trump's January inauguration. Groups numbering a "few hundred people" were said to have gathered for the rallies, with some being described as "at risk" of being overshadowed by larger groups of anti-Trump protesters.

Meshawn Maddock, a rally organizer, was quoted by the CBC asking how anyone could be "disappointed with bringing jobs back" and securing U.S. borders. He added "that's exactly what he's doing." By contrast, Trump protester, Brandon Blanchard, who had come to protest in support of "immigrants, Muslims and transgender people" stated that American voters who support Trump have been "deceived" and that the president has already broken campaign promises.

Berkeley Trump rally attracts large numbers of supporters and protesters

The Trump Berkeley rally was reported, by Reuters, to have have attracted roughly equal numbers of Trump protesters and supporters; between 200 and 300 in each group. The Hill reports that the number of attendees was "unclear." One arrest was made, with one attendee reportedly having their "teeth knocked out," and another was reported to have been "hit on the head." Video posted to YouTube by KTVU shows hundreds of people strewn across a lawn, with dozens screaming and yelling, in apparent chaos.

Two young men held each other by the shirt collars and spoke vigorously, with their faces held closely together, directing their seemingly angry words into each other's faces.

While the anti-Trump Berkeley Protests, in response to the pro-Trump rallies, were marred by violence, the majority were said to have taken place without incident, including the Lansing, Michigan event.

David Moore, a member of the U.S. Marines, suggested that the rallies may mark a turning point, where Trump detractors might "take the hint" that there's nothing wrong with voicing support for "the president and the country."

Many scuffles visible in Berkeley Trump rally footage

The Hill reports that "punches were thrown" and that blue "smoke bombs" were ignited, while police officers were observed "monitoring" the developments.

Social media users reported protesters being attacked with pepper spray. The melee was said to have occurred near the Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park, which is located nearby the University of California, Berkeley. Reuters has noted the "famously left-leaning" reputation of Berkeley, as well as its close proximity to San Francisco. Other concerns said to be cited by supporters of Trump at the rallies included "fake news," the Islamic State, Obamacare, and illegal immigration.