A political rally in California recently turned violent after the attendees encountered counter-protesters. With at least one arrest, the violence is unusual for similar rallies during recent events. People involved on both sides of the issue, supporters who support the President and detractors who came in protests, have voiced their perspectives over the incident.

The event's violence is unusual compared to similar rallies

The event had been dubbed a Spirit of America rally, and showcased supporters of President Donald trump, and was based at a park in Berkeley, which is near the San Francisco area.

While similar rallies have occurred in other states, attendees rarely exceed a number of one hundred. The recent Berkeley rally, however, hosted a number of possibly three hundred, containing a crowd of both supporters and detractors of the current administration. Although unconfirmed, it is believed that two-thirds had been supporters, with counter-protesters making up the difference.

However, things turned significantly violent between the supporters and detractors. One person reportedly had been hit in the head and another had teeth knocked out. A video posted on social media showcased men with American flags fighting off men dressed in black. Many had also been attacked with pepper spray.

According to reports, police have made at least one arrest concerning the incident.

According to reports, the amount of violence present at the rally is somewhat unusual, and most are said to take place without significant disruption or violence, as was the case with a recent rally near the Michigan State Capitol building this past Saturday.

Voices on both side of the argument

Meshawn Maddock, who is identified as one of the initial organizers of the really, said in a released statement that it is necessary “to support our president.” He also emphasized the importance of supporting a politician whose platform focuses on bringing jobs in the workforce, and also advocated for the importance of secure borders.

One of the counter-protestors, Brandon Blanchard, said he attended the rally in protest for the sake of immigrants, Muslims, and transgender people within the United States. In a released statement, he said that he felt that the American people have been "deceived" by the current President and his administration, saying that promises made during the initial campaign have gone unfulfilled.

One of the supporters of the rally who attended, U.S. Marine David Moore, on the other hand, said that the event validates people voicing their “support for the president and the country.” One currently unidentified woman, who self-described herself as being a Mexican-American supporter of Trump, denied that the President hates Latinos, Hispanics, or Mexicans in an address made on stage during the rally, and added that she felt the President risks "his life for us."