The Obamacare repeal and replacement bill has run into opposition with many conservatives, primarily because of the tax credit that some see as a new entitlement. According to Politico, President Donald Trump will participate heavily in selling the bill, negotiating with balking conservatives and whipping up public support. The first step in that campaign was doubtless the dinner he held with Sen Ted Cruz and his wife, Heidi. Cruz would be a crucial ally in moving the bill if he can be brought on board.

Trump has a Plan B, however. If the Obamacare Repeal and Replace bill goes down, he intends to let the current law collapse of its own weight, blame the Democrats, and then push heavily for a new law that will be more expansive than the current proposed bill.

Some conservatives will doubtless favor this approach. Democrats, who are standing like a stone wall against any reform, need to be afraid.

Very afraid.

Democrats have had much success blocking Republican attempts to reform various entitlements by holding full-court presses to scare voters into believing that those efforts will cause economic and health devastation to the most vulnerable. The GOP has been impotent in trying to explain why the Democrats are demagoguing.

The problem for the Democrats is that no one demagogues quite like President Trump. One of the secrets of his success has been his willingness to use media, social and otherwise, to drive home his message, sometimes making dubious statements without an ounce of shame.

The way this will work, Democrats will say that Trump and his allies want old people and children to die. Trump will just turn around and claim that Democrats want seniors and kids to die in slow, lingering pain and that they will secretly enjoy it. Then he will sit back and watch as Democrats sputter their denials and the media rolls its eyes.

However, a lot of people will believe Trump’s accusations and will behave accordingly/

One problem with this approach is that many Americans will suffer as the cost of Obamacare plans continue to skyrocket out of sight and choice disappears altogether. The trick is to make sure the right people get blamed.

Apparently passing the imperfect bill and then continuing to demand and get more reforms is the preferred option.