Several protesters were arrested in Southern California on Saturday after a make america great Again rally once again turned violent at the hands of troublemakers clad in black masks.

According to the Los Angeles Times, around thirty counter-protesters clashed with some of the approximately 2,000 Trump supporters at Bolsa Chica State Beach in Huntington Beach. Captain Kevin Pearsall of the California State Parks Police said that the counter-protesters began spraying the marchers with pepper spray shortly after the event began. Although four arrests and two injuries have been confirmed, Pearsall stated that further details, such as the identities of those arrested, are not yet available.

Masked protester jumps fence to flee angry mob

The Los Angeles Times reported that one of the pepper sprayers was tackled to the sand and kicked and punched by a group of Trump supporters. The masked man was then chased by the crowd before jumping over a fence and running along the Pacific Coast Highway, where he was captured by the California Highway Patrol.

One Trump supporter, identified as Travis Guenther, claims that he struck one of the masked protesters five times in the head with a flag pole after the man pepper sprayed his wife in the face.

Of the four known arrests, three were men charged with illegal use of a Taser, and the other was a woman charged with assault and battery. Pearsall told the Los Angeles Times that all of those arrested were anti-Trump demonstrators.

Make America Great Again events held nationwide

One of the pepper spray victims was Jennifer Sterling of Huntington beach, who helped organize the event. Sterling, who appeared undaunted by the unprovoked attack, told reporters that the Make America Great Again rally -- one of around 40 such events held throughout the country this weekend -- was not just a tribute to Donald Trump, but a celebration of veterans, first responders and law enforcement.

Skirmishes also broke out at a rally in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. According to, a minor scuffle between protesters and Trump supporters occurred during the first hour of the four hour long event.