A fundraising campaign led by Muslims has raised over $24,000 for victims of the London Terror Attack. In less than 15 hours, the Muslims United for London fundraiser received over $10,000 in donations. The funds raised by the crowdfunding page will go towards the victims and their families.

The terror attack occurred on March 22nd. Khalid Masood drove into pedestrians along Westminster Bridge. He also stabbed a police officer, leaving him for dead before police shot Masood.

Fundraising target doubled

Muddassar Ahmed is the one who initiated the campaign on Wednesday.

He is a Muslim Londoner and communications specialist. He also witnessed the terror attack. When he started the LaunchGood campaign, he initially wanted to raise around $12,500, which the campaign did within 15 hours. Ahmed and other organizers exceeded their target by Thursday afternoon.

Ahmed was attending a meeting inside Parliament in London. He received a call alerting him that an attack was occurring. He said he looked out the window and witnessed the carnage. Ahmed said he and others were barricaded inside an office for about five hours. During that time, authorities were working on securing the area.

What the funds will be used for

According to the crowdfunding page, the funds will be given to the families of the terror attack victims.

Ahmed said the funds will likely be distributed via the police of honor trust. He added that they are looking at exploring various options.

The Muslims United for London also released a statement. It said the British Muslim community stood with the community and they extended their support in raising funds to help with the short-term needs of Keith Palmer's family and other victims' families.

Palmer was the police officer killed in the line of duty.

The statement went onto say that no amount of money would bring victims back. It said no amount of money would take away their pain. They said they hope the funds will lessen the families' burdens in some way.

So far, the campaign has resulted in about $35,000 in donations. Currently, there are 23 days left of the campaign. The fundraising target is around $37,000.