On Thursday, President Trump was issuing ultimatums to noncompliant Republicans who had refused to fall in line. Either support the GOP's sweeping health insurance overhaul or watch their moment to overturn Obama's Affordable Care Act disappear. He demanded a Friday vote on the bill that seemed to be deteriorating, with a lack of a majority to muster it past.

Recriminations began ricocheting amongst Republicans before the House voted. trump and the House Republican leadership were adamant that the bill, titled the American Health Care Act, must pass or else be completely lost.

But the whole progress of the bill was in doubt on Friday midday, as lawmakers throughout all factions of the GOP expressed concern and uncertainty.

A heated moment

This heated moment of #political divide within the GOP highlights the party's drift into two factions – #Trump loyalists and the GOP establishment who are represented by Speaker Paul Ryan. This fracture dates back to the presidential race in 2016 when the party, in having Trump as its new leader, underwent an uncomfortable period of self examination, a period that hasn't yet been resolved.

Team Trump's criticism and loathing of #Paul Ryan is now spilling over into the media through unnamed sources; Ryan allies – such as chief of staff #Prince Reibus – are also being eyed by Team Trump's staunchest advocates.

They are being criticized for a range of offenses such as the contents of the legislation itself, as well as the decision to press for healthcare reform before important tax reform even got underway.

With many saying that the sequence of tickets was a #big mistake, one source told the media outlet The Hill, that it was “a blunder,” and that “Reince put way too much trust in Ryan.” The Hill source added that tax reform would have been “far less controversial.

Now, you are going to have to carry all this baggage into [the issue over] taxes. I think it was a tactical mistake.”That such a tactical mistake even happened points, some critics think, to Trump's inexperience in congress and the political world.

White House reacts

Sean Spicer, speaking to the press on Friday, said that President Tump had "pulled out every stop" to try and get the party to pass the Healthcare Bill and squarely blamed the GOP lawmakers on Capitol Hill for the bill's lack of support.

Spicer said that Trump had made it very clear that this "is our moment" to pass the bill, but that you can't force lawmakers to vote a certain way.

#Spicer said that Trump did everything he could "but at the end of the day this isn’t a dictatorship ". You have to let members vote how they want, Spicer added, saying that the lawmakers need to go back and answer their constituents why they didn't fulfill the pledge that they made.

Trump tried to change the dialog on his Twitter account by adding a Tweet that spoke of his win for the #Keystone pipe development. He wrote that he was pleased to announce the official approval of the presidential permit for the pipeline and said it was a good day for American jobs.