Tom Hanks is generally known as being a really nice guy, and he just proved the fact all over again. The Oscar award winning actor took pity on the hardworking and weary White House Press Corps by sending them a brand new, very expensive and top of the range espresso machine.

The classy appliance arrived with what was reportedly a typewritten and signed note, addressed to the White House Press Corps and telling them to continue the good fight for “Truth, Justice and the American Way,” with Hanks adding especially the truth part. As an extra touch, the letter was included inside a card, illustrated with an image of hardworking American GIs by the Pulitzer Prize-winner Bill Mauldin.

Nice touch, Tom!

The card had a caption which described those pictured as being fresh and spirited American troops, newly flushed with victory, bringing in battle-weary prisoners.

As noted by People, Press Corp reporters instantly headed to Twitter to send out images of the Pasquini Livia G4, stainless-steel espresso maker, which reportedly knocked Hanks back between $1,740 and $2,219, depending on the model. The working machine was seen in the White House media break room on Thursday morning.

It isn’t the first time Tom Hanks has treated the press corp

This isn’t new – the “Sully” star has done something like this before.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hanks, an outspoken critic of President Donald Trump, did something similar back in 2004 when he discovered the press corps had been drinking coffee from a mere vending machine. At that time, Tom wrote in his covering note that he hoped the machine he gifted them would make the 24-hour news cycle a little more pleasant, telling them to add water, insert the pod, press the button and get on with reporting, adding the words “All good things.”

Back in 2010 on a visit to the media break room, Hanks noticed the coffee machine was looking a little battered and replaced it yet again, treating what he dubbed the “poor slobs of the Fourth Estate.” At the time, he made a joke, reminding the reporters they are supposed to clean the machine after each use, exclaiming at the buildup and saying they are supposed to wipe it off.

Relief among accusations of “Fake news”

With Press Secretary Sean Spicer banning a whole slew of media outlets from the White House briefings last week, Hanks’ gift couldn’t have come at a better time, offering caffeine relief from the tensions between the White House and the hardworking media corps.