Tom Brady’s Super Bowl jersey has been found six weeks after it went missing. After the New England Patriots defeated the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl on February 5, 2017, Brady discovered his jersey was missing from his bag. Also found was Brady's #12 jersey that he wore in 2015 when the Patriots defeated the Seattle Seahawks.

The NFL released a statement on Monday, March 20 that both #12 championship jerseys had been found. Police Chief Art Acevedo tweeted that the Houston police department had traced Brady’s jersey to Mexico. With the help of the FBI and Mexican authorities, both jerseys were recovered.

Two jerseys found

According to the NFL, the jerseys belonging to MVP Tom Brady were found in the possession of a member of the international press whose name is being withheld during the ongoing investigation. Video footage showed the image of the suspect. Many people helped with the search for the jersey. The NFL and the Patriots' security teams worked with the FBI and the Texas Rangers to find Brady's belongings. At the time, they were looking for only one jersey, but they found two Super Bowl jerseys.

People knew about the jersey the quarterback wore during Super Bowl LI that was taken from a bag in the locker room at Houston’s NRG Stadium after the game was over. It was taken while Brady was talking to reporters and accepting the trophy minutes after the end of the game.

A second jersey was also taken that the public wasn't aware of.

The theft

The Houston Police Department classified the theft as a first-degree felony. They had assigned a $500,000 value to the jersey the 39-year-old football player wore in the Super Bowl. However, his jerseys worn in regular games were valued at approximately $50,000.

The FBI is handling the case because the theft was a felony. Also, since the thief lives in Mexico and the items were found there, the case involves international laws.

Even though the jerseys have been recovered, Brady still doesn't have them. Both jerseys are now in the hands of the FBI during the ongoing investigation.