The 2016 presidential election will go down as one of the most controversial in recent memory. Despite his well-publicized feud with Donald Trump, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz appears willing to forget the past, though many on social media don't feel the same way.

Cruz on Trump

When Donald Trump announced his campaign for president, the initial reaction was negative, with many believing he would flame out after a few months. As time went on, the former host of "The Apprentice" increased in the polls, and made sure to cut down his Republican opponents in the process.

Trump went on to target everyone in his path, most notably referring to former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush as "low energy," while hitting back at Florida Sen. Marco Rubio as "Little Marco." However, it was Trump's war of words with Ted Cruz that got the most attention. Sticking the insult of "Lyin' Ted" on Cruz, Trump accused the senator's father of conspiring to assassinate John F. Kennedy, while promoting a National Enquirer article that alleged Cruz cheated on his wife with five women. These issues were brought up to Cruz on social media after tweeting out praise of Trump on Thursday, which continued after another social media post on March 10.

"I enthusiastically applaud President Trump’s nomination of Noel Francisco to be Solicitor General of the United States," Ted Cruz wrote on both Twitter and Facebook on Friday.

Cruz's comment was in reference to Trump's selection of Noel Canning, but Twitter users were not too impressed.

"I thought you 'wouldn't be able to look wife and kids in the eye' if you supported Trump?

But you all had dinner other night," one Twitter user wrote. "I'd enthusiastically appreciate it if you answered your goddamn phone when your constituents call," another message read. Others posted images mocking the senator from the Lone Star State, with a special focus on Ted Cruz appearing to suck up to the commander in chief.

"Ted, don't drink the koolaid. It was one dinner; do you really think he likes you??" a Twitter user asked. "Ted, Ted, Ted, just roll over and say Yes sir! Thought you had some backbone - U don't. Family be damned - power, party. Sad. another tweet went on to say.

Moving forward

The hits just kept coming against Ted Cruz, as many Americans are unwilling to let the senator forget about the harsh feud he had with Donald Trump during the primary election. While Cruz appears willing to keep those memories behind him, not everyone is ready to follow in his footsteps.