Donald Trump has only been in the White House for just over 50 days, but he might already be regretting some of his big decisions. Over the last 24 hours, new information continues to leak about retired Gen. Michael Flynn, which the Trump administration can't seem to avoid.

Fox News on Trump

According to reports released on Thursday, Michael Flynn registered with the Department of Justice as a foreign agent after receiving more than $530,000 to lobby for Turkey. The news comes amid a growing scandal already in place in the White House, as the pressure mounts on Donald Trump to distance himself from allegations of being linked to Russia.

The rumors of Russian ties to Trump stem from the early days of the campaign, with the former host of "The Apprentice" refusing to release his tax returns, and various members of his team being linked, in one way or another, to the Kremlin. Vice President Mike Pence, as well as White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer have denied that the administration knew anything about Flynn's involvement, though a pair of Fox News hosts don't seem to be convinced, as reported on March 10.

Joining fellow Fox News host Shepard Smith on Friday was Chris Wallace, and both men don't appear to buying what the White House is selling when it comes to Michael Flynn. "It was interesting to watch Sean Spicer. He was trying to deflect this into what the lawyer should have told him," Wallace said, before adding, "That precisely misses the point." "I suspect Sean knew that it missed the point," Wallace went on to say, while noting, "He just didn’t want to answer."

"It seems inconceivable that it wouldn’t percolate up the transition chain," Chris Wallace said, who found it odd that no one gave the information to Donald Trump.

Not stopping there, Wallace admitted, "I find that very hard to believe." In regards to Shepard Smith, the Fox News host has also been critical of the administration, going off on a rant on Thursday where he accused the White House of "lying" about the issues involving Russia.

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Though Fox News has been a safe space for Donald Trump and his team, not everyone on the network gives the billionaire real estate mogul a pass. Chris Wallace and Shepard Smith have both expressed frustration with the administration in recent weeks, while other network hosts, like Sean Hannity continue to defend Trump ad nauseam.