In the war of words between the political left and right, various terms have become popular when one side wants to attack the other. While these insults are often used by social media users, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz tried his hand and it didn't turn out well.

Cruz backlash

During the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump made it a point hit back at all of his Republican opponents. While the former host of "The Apprentice" ripped into former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush as "low energy," while labeling Florida Sen. Marco Rubio as "Little Marco," Trump saved his most effective insult for Ted Cruz, who he called "Lyin' Ted." Trump went as far as accusing Cruz of cheating on his wife, while hinting that his father took part in the assassination of John F.

Kennedy. However, since the election, Cruz has come out in support of Trump, and has appeared to follow in his footsteps of mocking the opposition. After Cruz used the term "snowflakes" to attacks liberals in social media post on March 15, the reaction wasn't what the senator planned.

"A tribute to Snowflakes everywhere...." Ted Cruz tweeted, with the attached link of two country singers performing a song titled "Friends in safe spaces." The song is in reference to the term "safe spaces" that have become popular on college campuses to help shelter those who are sensitive to certain issues.

"At least snowflakes stand up for their wives and their fathers," one Twitter user wrote, before asking, "What safe space do you go to?" "A Snowflake would allow someone to attack their wife and father and not fight for their honor, but instead praise the attacker!" another social media user wrote, in reference to Donald Trump's attack on the Cruz family.

"Did a real politician just use the term 'snowflake'?

Way to have respect for all people, Ted," a Twitter user added, while noting, "Enjoy your (hopefully) last term." The hits kept on coming, with many linking Ted Cruz and Donald Trump together in their response. "Honey, you support a snowflake for president - can't go one day without whining like a baby," one tweet went on to say, while also adding, "You're not much better FYI."

Next up

While Donald Trump attacked and smeared the Cruz family name for months during the election, it appears the senator from the Sunshine State is willing to put the past behind him. Over the last week, Ted Cruz has praised the president, which included flattering remarks on social media, including a picture of his kids with Trump in the Oval Office.