After winning the presidential election, Donald Trump met with Barack Obama in the Oval Office. He came away saying that the then president was a good man, and that he looked forward to his wise council. On Saturday morning, March 4th, President Donald Trump did an about turn. He tweeted that former president Obama had wiretapped Trump Tower and called him a bad man.

Since that time, America and the world have waited for our Commander in chief to provide proof for his accusation, that his predecessor had committed a federal crime. The president was given a deadline of today, March 13th, to bring forth evidence, but he did not.

And the situation continues to get more bizarre.

Kellyanne Conway continues to sidestep and stonewall

This morning on ''Good Morning America," George Stephanopoulos interviewed Kellyanne Conway, who is counselor to President Donald Trump. She was asked why the president had not provided evidence that proved that former President Barack Obama had wiretapped Trump Tower. Her response was the typical sidestepping and stonewalling that she has become known for.

Ms. Conway admitted that she has seen no evidence, and added that this is why an investigation is being conducted. Ms. Conway then changed the subject by saying that there are many ways to have surveillance without wiretapping, including cell phones and computers.

She had previously told MSNBC that microwaves and televisions may have been used to spy on then candidate Donald Trump.

The situation is turning into a ball of confusion

President Trump was given until today, Monday, March 13th, to provide the evidence his predecessor had spied on him at Trump Tower. He did not comply. According to Fox News the Justice Department has asked for more time to produce proof.

To add to the growing ball of confusion, Fox News also interviewed White House press secretary Sean Spicer. He also gave an answer that caused more questions. Spicer stated that President Trump did not mean for anyone to take his tweet literally.

So at this point the public has been told first that Former President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower.

Donald Trump has refused to bring forth any credible evidence. Kellyanne Conway says the investigation is supposed to bring forth the evidence. And now Sean Spicer is saying President Trump did not mean for anyone to take his tweet literally. All the American people can do is stay tuned, and try to keep up with the bizarre answers coming from the White House.