A recent video with online progressive liberal newscaster The Young Turks featured President Donald Trump's planned $1 trillion infrastructure program, and how the federal government is going to raise the capital to pay for it. TYT played a clip from Fox News featuring Sean Hannity speaking with Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao, asking how President Trump will pay for the planned spending. Mr. Hannity explained a situation where a construction company might "get their investment back" by collecting tolls from a road project. He asked if the plan was a "win-win, something like that?"

"Thank you for putting it that way," Secretary Chao responded to the Fox News host, which caused TYT hosts Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola to laugh, and repeat the labor secretary's words.

Mr. Iadarola considered the possibility that Sean Hannity lacks an understanding of what a "win-win" is, and questioned his assertion that taxpayers wouldn't be paying anything, when many taxpayers will be paying tolls. He asked, "Who pays tolls?"

Cenk Uygur calls Trump plan a 'regressive tax'

John Iadarola cited tolls as among the lest-progressive ways to finance infrastructure projects. Cenk Uygur described applauding Donald Trump's $1 trillion infrastructure plan, which he described as a "progressive position." Mr. Uygur explained that, while he doesn't approve of most of the Trump policies, he his an "open-minded guy," and the president's plan could create many jobs, and economic benefits.

The TYT founder then expressed that Trump has basically turned on the U.S. public, effectively acting as if he was "just kidding."

Cenk Uygur described what he sees at the motive behind the Trump toll road plan: Republican donors will be given contracts to build and operate toll roads that average, working class Americans will be charged a disproportional amount to use, compared with taxpayer-funded projects.

Calling tolls a "regressive tax" Uygur explained that with public roads, corporations and the rich contribute to construction projects at their marginal rates, which almost always results in net tax bills well above the average individual's. With a toll road, suddenly, those in the highest tax brackets are paying the same rate as average Americans, placing an unfair burden on everyday taxpayers.

TYT founder suggests Trump plan is a ploy to aide Republican cronies

The TYT founder called the plan a "giant scam," aimed at aiding Republican donors, construction buddies, and milking Americans for the "rest of your life." Uygur described how the plan ensures that the burden of paying for the work is shouldered by everyday U.S. citizens, not by "the rich," and not by "the corporations." John Iadarola considered the possibility that Trump's plan could be the beginning of a new trend, where portions of public infrastructure, and subsequent operating rights, are sold off to the highest bidder.