A rather unusual haul of the Anastasia brand cosmetics was stolen from the Beverley Hills warehouse in Chatsworth back in late January. In total, the robbers made off with 100,000 Anastasia eyeshadow palettes worth $4.5 million, or $42 each, retail.

The Los Angeles Police Department is not sure exactly when the burglary happened, but they estimate that at some time between January 28 and 30, the robber or robbers broke into the warehouse by cutting a hole in the roof. As reported by the Los Angeles Times, It is also unknown exactly how many people were involved in the burglary and, as yet, no intruders have been identified or arrested.

There was, reportedly, no surveillance footage of the heist.

Los Angeles Police Department is looking for help

In a statement on Thursday, Officer Tony Im, a spokesman for the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), has officially announced news of the theft of 100,000 “Modern Renaissance” eyeshadow palettes in January. The LAPD is now encouraging anyone with information about the robbery to come forward to help solve the crime.

Anastasia: the definitive eyebrow queen

As reported by Laist, the Anastasia Beverley Hills makeup brand was created by Anastasia Soare, who is known mainly by her first name, rather like Cher and Madonna. Romanian-born Anastasia is also dubbed the “definitive eyebrow expert.” She has a flagship salon, which goes by the same name, Anastasia Beverley Hills.

Her skill with eyebrows is well known to celebrities, with Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian, among others, being regular clients.

Anastasia also developed her own line of eye makeup, including the “Modern Renaissance” palettes stolen in the burglary, which feature 14 different shades.

According to the Anastasia Beverley Hills official website, the eyeshadow palettes are perfect to create endless different looks for both daytime and evening. Reportedly Anastasia’s makeup has gone global, and is now available at department stores in around two dozen countries. No doubt Anastasia is not impressed with the $4.5 million heist from her warehouse and the lack of closure in catching the robbers.