Following Donald Trump's baseless allegation that former President Barack Obama wiretapped his office at Trump Tower, the White House has scrambled to defend the claims. During the most recent press briefing, the media continued to pile on.

Spicer struggles

As part of his defense against the growing scandal that Russia has impacted his administration, Donald Trump has attempted to deflect blame onto the media and the Democratic Party. Over the weekend, the former host of "The Apprentice" took to Twitter and called for separate investigations into Democratic leaders Sen.

Chuck Schumer, as well as Rep. Nancy Pelosi, citing their alleged history with Russian officials. Trump later went on to make the aforementioned wiretapping claim against Obama, which has since been dismissed by most mainstream news outlets. On Tuesday afternoon, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer held a press briefing, and was grilled by MSNBC reporter and host Hallie Jackson, as reported on March 7.

As expected, the wiretapping claims were front and center, and dominated much the press briefing in question on Tuesday. MSNBC's Hallie Jackson pushed back at recent comments made by Sean Spicer, backing the press secretary into a corner. "You said the president stands by his tweets Saturday morning that President Obama ordered this wiretap," Jackson said, before stating, "You’ve also said that the president wants Congress to investigate." After pointing out that Republican and Democratic members of Congress have asked the president to release the information that caused him to lash out, Jackson then wondered, "why would the president want Congress to investigate for information he already has?"

Double down

Never giving a straight answer, Sean Spicer claimed that Donald Trump was worried about so-called "separation of power," noting, "It's a question of appropriateness." Hallie Jackson quickly fired back, asking "why expand those resources and staff if the president found out this information and has it?" Spicer continued to deflect, eventually stating that the president just wants to "add credibility" to story. As of press time, Trump has still not supplied the press with any credible documents showing the source of the wiretapping allegation, with a spokesman for Obama denying any wrongdoing.