The 2016 presidential election highlighted the wide political divide in the United States. As tensions reach an all-time high, those who support President Donald Trump are now clashing with the opposition.

Trump protest

During the early part of the election season, Donald Trump and his controversial campaign style and rhetoric triggered multiple protests that took place across the country. Those who support the former host of "The Apprentice" routinely got into altercations with protesters, and at times, it would escalate into violence. Since Trump was elected last November, the opposition to the new commander in chief has only grown, which has increased even further since Inauguration Day.

While liberals and Democrats are usually the ones taking to the streets against Trump, at uc berkeley on March 4, the opposite took place. As reported by The Hill on March 4, supporters and protesters clashed on Saturday night.

The "March-4-Trump" rally in favor of Donald Trump took place at the Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park, which is located just outside the offical campus at UC Berkeley. During the event, a group of protesters expressed their disdain for Trump, and the scene quickly turned violent.

Both sides started to brawl, with punches thrown and smoke bombs being set off.

Videos and pictures were taken and were circulating on the internet and across social media within minutes. One image showed a senior citizen Trump-supporter on the ground after getting hit with pepper spray. As expected, Donald Trump supporters put the blame on the liberal protesters, while the left put the blame on their right-wing counter-parts.

Not long after the brawls broke out, police arrived at the event where a number of individuals were arrested and taken into custody.

Moving forward

While Donald Trump has only been the President of the United States for a month and a half, he appears to have only widened the divide with the American people.

In a poll released just last month by Quinnipiac University, less than 40 percent of those surveyed had a positive view of Trump's job performance, with over 55 percent holding a negative opinion. As supporters and protesters continue to clash with each other, only time will tell if that gap will close, or only become worse.