When a woman was 19 weeks pregnant, she found out her baby was missing part of the brain. She and her husband had to make a difficult choice. Both of them can live with the choice they made together. They decided to let the pregnancy continue so they could donate their daughter's organs to help others live.

When Keri first heard the news about the anencephaly condition of her baby, she was devastated, according to ESPN. Her husband, Royce, posted their sad story on Facebook that has gone viral.

Keri's unborn baby

Keri says with every kick and hiccup she feels, she knows her daughter will not live very long after birth.

The pregnant mother has already given birth to a young son, but she is terrified about this upcoming delivery because of the circumstances. The doctors told the New Orleans couple that the baby could live anywhere from five minutes to 36 hours. No one knows for sure, but the doctors know that the baby can't survive very long after she is outside of the womb. Keri says she and her husband have invited close family members to be at the hospital when she gives birth via Caesarean section this spring.

After the baby's birth

The father, Royce Young, says he is going to hold his daughter, kiss her and talk to her and tell her about her brother. They have already named her Eva, which mean life. Young wrote in his Facebook post that he is utterly amazed at the bravery of his wife of eight years who immediately asked about donating their baby's organs as soon as they were told about Eva's condition.

Two reasons to carry baby to full term

The Youngs agree that there are two main reasons for letting the pregnancy go full term. First of all, they want to donate Eva's organs so others can live. The other reason is so they can meet her. They know their daughter is going to die soon after birth, but they think she deserves to meet her mother, father, and brother.

Royce and Keri know that it is going to be a difficult day when they go to the hospital to have a baby, but will have to go home without Eva.