Whilst President Trump stood as the biggest loser on Friday's healthcare disaster, the astonishing Republican defeat was also just as damaging for #Speaker Paul Ryan as it was for the president.

That Ryan couldn't even get the #American Health Care Act through the House is deeply embarrassing for a political heavy weight and it will continue to cast a long shadow on his career. Whether or not the bill would have been signed into law is one thing, not being able to engage lawmakers on a years-long quest to overhaul healthcare is another.

Ryan was seen as the author and driving force of the #legislation, and yet it was pushed back from conservative members of his own conference as well as other interest groups who have much importance in the party.

Trump loyalists seek to discredit Ryan

Some on Team Trump's inner circle claim that Ryan's big mistake was to focus on healthcare before #tax reform. Now, conservative media analysts and reporters are asking very uncomfortable questions about his ability to lead.