The FBI launched an investigation into the release of secret information by Wikileaks on CIA's operations. The sensitive documents revealed details on how American intelligence operates, especially in cyberspace.

The aim of the Feds is to find out how the information went into the hands of WikiLeaks and whether any former agent or CIA contractor is involved. Names of agents appearing in the documents were redacted by the anti-secrecy organization. The investigation is also trying to identify any unpublished documents in possession of WikiLeaks, which could be disclosed further on.

The troves of leaked documents exposed and embarrassed the intelligence community. Now, Americans know that the information they keep in phones, tablets as well as any other devices, are not protected, and can be accessed any time if the agents want that so.


Federal officials told CNN that the documents released to the public so far are authentic, although they could not determine whether all the documents in possession of WikiLeaks are real or had been submitted to any kind of alteration. The Federal Government has not yet given any official pronouncement on the subject.

The authorities are worried about the possible leak of critical computer codes needed to conduct cyber attacks.

Such information could be used by hackers worldwide and provoke a havoc on information security overseas.

Even though, the operations revealed usually required physical access to the devices to be enabled, and even if the codes were released, a hacker would need to physically tamper the target to perpetrate an attack.

CIA hacking

Most of the one gigabyte of leaked information published on WikiLeaks website, on Tuesday (8), detailed CIA's hacking operations. According to the documents, the agency's became world's top hacking organization.

The agents are able to sneak into high tech phones and Smart TV's, taking full control of the devices, using built-in cameras and microphones to spy their targets no matter where in the world they are.

In order to hide their footprints, they use computer codes that deceive any attempts to identify the real perpetrators, making everything seem like the authors were Russian hackers.