Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House of Representatives, believes President Donald Trump should not engage with democrats on new legislation to change the U.S. healthcare insurance system. Ryan told 'CBS This Morning,' that he did not want the government running American's healthcare. The Speaker believes healthcare should be the individual's choice – government has no right to tell you how to conduct your life.

Ryan is trying to persuade President Trump not to listen to his administration. The Republican Party want Trump to make good on his campaign promise to redo Obamacare.

Ryan has expressed his disapproval in working with the Democrats on healthcare, stressing he does not want that to happen.

Trump wants to move quickly

Donald Trump, however, during a White House reception earlier this week, said he is counting on lawmakers to act quickly to reach a deal on health care, but did not expand on how they should go about doing that.

Trump went on to say that he believes it will happen because the Republican Party and the Democratic Party have been promising the American people it will happen. Trump said Obamacare is sure to blow-up after Democrats refused to negotiate on his new health care legislation.

Blame Congress for healthcare debacle

The blame has been squarely placed on the U.S.

Congress by the Republican party, but not on Donald Trump or his administration. According to a recent poll questioning who should take responsibility for the American Healthcare Act (AHCA) debacle. According to recent survey results, Republicans blamed the U.S. Congress, 26 percent polled said they blamed House Republicans.

13 percent blamed Trump, and 10 percent of the people surveyed believed Ryan was to blame.

Trump believes the blame should go to the conservative Freedom Caucus and Democratic leaders. Nearly one in four Americans blame Trump, Ryan, and the U.S. Congress. Although close to 24 million Americans will be left without healthcare under AHCA, Trump stands firm on his belief that his new health care plan will happen very quickly.

A poll was taken in January, showed nearly half of all Americans want to keep Obama's health care reform – albeit fixing some problems, and a tiny percentage of the population wanted to keep it exactly the way it is.