The White House revealed its proposed budget this morning. The plan relies on military defense or homeland security. The president suggested deep cuts across the board.

President Trump's budget will be the largest reduction in federal programs since WWII. White House officials said one of their major goals is to eliminate a very large portion of the federal nonmilitary workforce.

50 programs, 3,200 positions eliminated in EPA

Funding to assist the poor, scientific research and allies overseas will be cut. Trump, in keeping with the theme, has named his budget proposal America first: A Budget Blueprint to Make America Great Again.

Trump’s great plan for America is to increase military funding by $54 billion.

That money would come from 18 other agencies losing most of their federal funds. Particularly hard hit will be Environmental Protection Agency -- more than 30 percent of its budget will be cut. Agriculture, Labor and State departments will lose 20 percent of their funding.

Future funding for the support of the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting will be eliminated.

Critics Come Out Against Budget

"It is Impossible to drain the swamp and leave all the people in it," said the budget director.

Sen. Marco Rubio was quick to clarify that the administration's budget is not going to be the final budget. Congress votes on the budget and can create the budget, he said.

The administration makes a recommendation to Congress.

Trump's first budget proposal is undoubtedly going to be met with many objections and even more resistance from lawmakers on Capitol Hill. Some Republicans have voiced their disapproval to large cuts in foreign aid and programs run by, among others, the Education, State and Treasury departments.

That's not good for Trump when support is so crucial at this time. Congress must vote government authorization bills before passing appropriations.

However, Trump is experiencing the same budgetary process that every president endures. The president issues a proposed budget, and Congress tears it apart.