Since 1975, "Saturday Night Live " has always been at the top of the scales with it comes putting out high-quality parodies and comedy sketches. With over 40 Years of historical comedic performances, SNL is the realization of what happens when you never take for granted the purpose of monologues. As of late, the show has gained another remarkable increase in their ratings putting this late night sitcom at yet another all-time high. From fictional characters hilariously played on set to reenactments of real people, times and events, the program alone has delivered so much to concept of comedy and theater arts.

One can truly say that this show deserves all of its outstanding credibility.

Embracing one of the most iconic moments in any show's television history, SNL will be turning one of its most popular segments into a spin-off on Primetime NBC Thursday nights. "Saturday Night Live: Weekend Update" premiers August 10th at 9pm/8pm CST. The overall 22% increase in ratings definitely provides the show enough leverage to place its name and title more than once on the NBC lineup when it comes to primetime television.

As we congratulate SNL on their miraculous achievement in the world of multimedia, TV and film, let's take a look at the evolution of this hit show from past to present:

'Saturday Night Live' then

Originating from the minds of Lorne Michaels and Dick Ebersol, this revolutionary show became a late night TV comedy and variety show that has loyally aired on NBC since October 1975.

The episodes feature celebrity hosts who appear in most of the controversial skits throughout the time on air and breathtaking musical performances from the most iconic artists in the music industry.

Original cast inluence

Comedians including the legendary John Belushi, Dan Akyroyd, Gilda Radner, Garrett Morris and Chevy Chase became some of the many rising stars stemming from the popular comedic lineup.

Still to this day, the original cast majorly influences the game of show business, comedy and everything else in between.

Academy Award winning composer Howard Shore was the first director of SNL's Live Band and for almost half of a century many famous celebrities have guest host the sitcom. With Hollywood's finest like Christopher Walken and Dolly Parton gracing the stage, this show has paved the way for all stars-no matter their career field-to seek the show if they want a major upgrade in the spotlight.

'SNL' now

Looking onward to today, phenomenal performances have impacted over 800 episodes from NBC's Studio 8H headquartered Comcast Building. The show holds 50 Primetime Emmys (and counting), 3 Writer's Guild of America Awards, 2 Peabody Awards, and still holds honor to its induction into the National Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame to this present day since back in the year 2000. SNL is ultimately considered TV Guide's "50 Greatest Shows of All Time" and proclaimed as well by Time Magazine as one of its "100 Best TV Shows of All-TIME".

Over these past few decades, SNL has survived many battles resulting from controversy and having voice silenced by censorship. However, with over 150 Emmy nominations, it still stands as a promising adventure for all audiences to enjoy original comedy and for anyone who chooses to pursue a successful career in writing, producing and/or starring in TV and film.

We compliment, congratulate and encourage SNL as well as NBC on all of their past, present and future endeavors as we patiently wait with a passion for our Weekend Update.