On Thursday the New York Times reported that in the #Obama administration’s last days, officials in the White House raced to package and distribute evidence about Russian efforts to sway the election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump – and also about potential links between President Donald Trump and the Russians.

They said they wanted to ensure a clear trail of evidence was kept for future investigations and that meddling by other counties never happens in American elections again. Allies of America and the Obama administration, including the British and the Dutch, described and verified meetings in European cities between Trump associates and #Russian officials, some of who were close to Vladimir Putin; this, according to three previous US officials who wanted their anonymity preserved.

Other intelligence agencies find other contacts

Separate to this, American intelligence agencies had already intercepted and discovered communications where Russian officials, some from within the Kremlin, talked about and discussed contacts with some of Trump associates.

These revelations emerge as new questions are raised about #Attorney General Jeff Sessions' connections to the Russians. The contact sessions had with the Russian ambassador seemed to negate the testimony he gave Congress during his confirmation hearing in January during which he claimed “did not have communications with the Russians.”