President Donald Trump has told states that he will rescind the edict from the Obama administration concerning the use of bathrooms by students who identify as a gender other than their natural born one. The decree by the departing Obama administration has been denounced by several states as stepping over the line concerning state rights as well as parental rights. Many objections came from parents of female students up in arms over the fact that male students would have access to bathroom and locker room facilities alongside their daughters. This is seen as giving potentially ill-intentioned boys and men access to girls in highly private and vulnerable situations.

President Donald Trump campaigned on the premise of less federal edicts that supersede state policy making.

Gender science ignored for political gender agenda

Considered a disorder for many years, the DSM-V, the newest publication that classifies mental health issues, has changed the diagnosis for transgendered people reflecting pressures from LBGTQ groups and changes in societal attitudes. Instead of being classified as a gender identity disorder, people experiencing the disconnect from their natural born gender and the gender they identify with could be classified as having a gender dysphoria.

There are several professionals who say that labeling children with the disorder, or now called a dysphoria, could be harmful to their developing minds and bodies as well as the children around them.

Psychologists say that it is quite normal for young children to play with toys or even want to dress or pretend they are of the opposite gender. It is, however, possible that the interpretation by the adults surrounding the child that may cause an issue. Doling out too much attention to the child because of this behavior can elicit responses that may indeed encourage the behavior in an abnormal way.

Persons in the psychological field, such as Sheila Jefferies, and even a report on Transgender and sexual identity published during the Obama administration, seem to contradict the political actions taken by the administration that seems to be up for change by current President Donald Trump.

Parents of gender identity confused children fearful

Parents of gender dysphoric children are fearful of the changes the Trump administration will be making in terms of the revocation of the edict handed down while Barack Obama was in office. Some parents feel that this will make their children targets, while parents on the other side of the fence feel that this change by Trump has the potential to hand rights back to the states and make school life safer for their children.