The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, or in short NASA, released a list of Free Software that provides complete access to the public to use Royalty Free software developed by NASA.

NASA’s 2017-2018 software catalog released to the public

NASA’s software catalog contains a list of apps, tools and code libraries that are accessible to the general public. People can download and use it from anywhere. The software contains a lot of information about space travel, rocket launches, and other technical guides. The software catalog is published by NASA both as soft and hard copy.

According to Steve Jurczyk, the associate administrator of NASA for their Space Technology Mission Directorate division, these NASA released tools are used by top aerospace professionals, small businesses, entrepreneurs, industries and various academicians. He also added getting access to such useful tools and apps gives the general public added benefits like generating jobs, chances to save lives and earn money.

The first software catalog NASA released was in 2014

The first ever software catalog list was released to the public in April 2014. Since then, NASA has continued to release a list of software every year and it is the first software that has been pooled by the US government agency.

NASA confirmed that the new list of software and apps contain straight forward descriptions and are user-friendly.

The new list contains codes and software that will make drone enthusiasts really happy. The list contains codes that are used by the most advanced drone technology and the latest noise free aircraft technology.

The list NASA released also includes a large amount of 3D models, textures, and images that can be used for various purposes, starting from educational needs to business requirements.

NASA offers a free space walk game

In the new list of comprehensive software released, there is a spacewalk game that provides users an opportunity to experience a spacewalk. Anyone having a MAC or Windows PC can install the game and play to enjoy the experience of a lifetime. The game helps you feel the experiences of a real NASA astronaut and allows you to explore the International Space Station, perform a SPHERS experiment, ride the robotic arm and even perform repairs in space.

The Forecast Model Web tool that NASA released allows people to check fresh satellite images from various satellites sent by NASA within the comfort of your home.