The immigration ban proposed by President Donald Trump has not gone down well with Americans and a group of activists, who call themselves Alt Lady Liberty, decided to highlight the issue. They selected the iconic Statue Of Liberty in New York and unfurled a banner with the words ‘Refugees Welcome’ on the national monument.

The President is reported to be preparing a new travel ban and the banner was hoisted to coincide with the day that the Department of Homeland Security announced tougher immigration rules were on the anvil.

The novel protest gathered eyeballs

The protest captured the imagination of the people. It was a 3ft by 20ft red and white banner with the words Refugees Welcome and it was put up on the pedestal of the statue but was quickly removed by the National park rangers. However, the damage was done and its photo grabbed attention of the people and went viral on the social media.

The activists justified the banner saying that most of the Americans have come from other places and are immigrants and, they, along with refugees have contributed towards building America and have made it great. The activists of Alt Lady Liberty reiterated that everyone is welcome in America because the country is the result of the work put in by the ancestors over the years and many of them were immigrants.

However, the fact remains that it is illegal to put up a banner on the statue and the matter is being investigated.

The proposed immigration ban

President Donald Trump is not budging from his stand – he is firm in his objective of imposing a ban on the entry of immigrants who could turn out to be potential terror threats. He is working on a revised ban and has indicated that it would remain very much the same as the earlier one.

The move to ban migrants, visitors and refugees from seven specific countries covering Iraq, Iran, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Libya and Sudan has led to anti-Trump protests at home and abroad. The same has happened to his proposal of building a wall on the US-Mexico border. However, the President appears to be in no mood to dilute the issue.