It was just last week when the White House called for the abrupt resignation of 46 attorneys. After one, Preet Bharara, refused to resign, President Donald Trump decided to fire him, which didn't go over well with the New York Times.

NYT on Trump

Preet Bharara had served as the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York since 2009 before he got the call that he was being asked to resign by the Donald Trump administration. Unlike the 45 others, Bharara pushed back, which led to his eventual firing by the former host of "The Apprentice." While it's not uncommon for a new administration to replace federal prosecutors, Trump's announcement came without much warning.

Bharara took it as a complete surprise considering he reportedly spoke with the president last November, and was asked if he would be prepared to stay on in his position. When details came out alleging that the reason Bharara was let go was due to his office investigating former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, the New York Times decided to make an interesting remark about the network in a March 14 op-ed.

As also pointed out by the Washington Examiner, The New York Times writes, "Mr. Trump, as president-elect, had personally asked Mr.

Bharara to stay on during a meeting at Trump Tower in November." The NYT goes on to wonder why the president had a change of heart in just a few months.

The New York Times goes on to cite that Bharara's office has been involved in an investigation over whether or not Fox News had informed their shareholders about the "settlements with employees who accused the channel’s former boss, Roger Ailes, of sexual harassment." Going even further, the NYT then went on to label Fox News as "essentially the propaganda arm of the White House."

Moving forward

It's been well-documented that Donald Trump and Roger Ailes have had a strong relationship, with the billionaire real estate mogul even appearing to come to his defense after the former Fox News CEO was accused of sexual assault by more than one woman. When Trump names a replacement for Preet Bharara, they will take over the investigation into Fox News and Ailes. As of press time, the White House has not offered a comment on the op-ed in question.