Being young is not a question of age. This forty-three-year-old family car is feeling young in spirit - that means being interested and inquisitive, active and multi-faceted, open to change and development. VW Golf through all these years proved that it deserves the place among the most recognizable vehicles of Volkswagen. Volkswagen of America announced fuel economy figures for the e-Golf of 2017 and in comparison to his precursor, the new e-Golf is able to offer an improved EPA-estimated range and fuel economy, and more power.

German quality and the American standards

This year's innovation is reflected in the new lithium-ion battery with an increased energy capacity of 35.8 kWh from previous 24.2 kWh. This new battery extends the previous vehicle's range of 83 miles to present 125 miles. The 7.2 kW charger is standard on both SE and SEL premium trims. This is very important information for all e-Golf users because the battery is charged in less than six hours at 240V charging station. An additional information for e-Golf users is that you can charge the battery to eighty percent in an hour if you use DC fast charging.

Not only the battery is being improved, but the electric motor as well. The new 2017 motor with 100 kW is able to develop 134 HP.

Every muscle is ready to deliver a perfect performance. It is an athlete on mighty wheels, the vision of an enormously sporty and powerful vehicle. It is a form full of life and progress, a sculpture on wheels, expressed with just the right balance of light and shade, developed under vibrant skies of Wolfsburg. The pure passion for movement, the joy of performance is also reflected in every detail.

Practical and economic in one word: e-Golf

Prices will be announced after a closer introduction on the US market. When talking about the costs, you will love the new e-Golf, because it will spend only 13 cents per kilowatt-hour. You will be able to find it in US showrooms this spring.

E-Golf brings both together with convenient and secure connectivities solutions.

E-Golf is dynamic and enormously fun to drive. Its design reflects this sporty spirit and shows the technology involved, such as the above-mentioned SE and SEL premium trims. This vehicle practically with progressive design and low costs turns your dreams into reality. It seems that Volkswagen's mission for this year has already been accomplished.