According to The News & Observer, Franklin County Sheriff Kent Winstead said it was a gruesome scene as a deputy arrived at the North Carolina home, to see Oliver Funez, 18, walk out of the door with a large butcher knife in one hand and holding the head of his mother in the other. The body of Yesenia Funez Beatriz Machado, 35, was found inside the home. Reportedly two young siblings of Funez – around two or three years of age – were in the house at the time of the incident, but both were physically unharmed. Winstead went on to say a fourth sibling was reportedly still in school at the time of the homicide.

Funez called 911 to report the incident

Winstead said Funez dialed 911 at around 12:47 p.m. to report a homicide at his home in Morgan drive, northeast of Zebulon. In his statement, Winstead explained that Funez remained on the 911 line up until the arrival of the deputy, speaking the entire time. Due to the fact that the teenager walked out of the home with the murder weapon and his mother’s head in his hands, the sheriff’s deputies arrested Funez and he has been charged with first-degree homicide. So far, no motive has been established for the killing of his mother. Reportedly Funez is currently being held in a local jail.

Machado’s husband overcome with grief

Winstead told CBS News that Machado’s husband arrived at the house shortly before 5 p.m.

and is shocked and grieving. The three children are reportedly with their father. Winstead also said the neighbors of the family were shocked when hearing Machado had been killed and the circumstances surrounding the homicide. One neighbor, Ryan Reader, was quoted by CBS as saying the area is normally quiet and he wasn’t sure what was going on when he saw all the police cars on arrival at his home.

According to the sheriff, the situation is terrible, not only for the family, but also the neighborhood in which Machado lived and Franklin County as a whole. He said he was just glad no one else was injured when Funez was taken into custody.