Blasting News reported recently that retired Orange County Judge Belvin Perry had spoken to the media, saying he believes Casey Anthony did, indeed, accidentally kill her two-year-old daughter Caylee Anthony, using chloroform in an attempt to calm her. Now Casey has come forward to talk about the matter.

Breaking her silence for the first time since she was acquitted on the charge, Anthony says she still has no idea what happened during the last hours of Caylee’s short life. According to an interview with Anthony by the Associated Press, the last time Casey saw her daughter Caylee, she believed her to be alive and that the girl was going to be OK.

However, the recent bizarre interview with AP has only raised more questions. According to AP, it is highly unlikely that what she said would convince anyone that Anthony was not involved in her daughter’s death, despite the fact she was acquitted in the trial, which ran for a month and a half, six years ago.

Caylee would apparently be a total “bad***” right now

According to Anthony, if Caylee had lived, she would have been 12 years of age now, saying that her daughter would have been a total “bad***.” Anthony went on to say she likes to think Caylee would be playing sports, listening to classic rock and generally not putting up with any nonsense. However, when it came to questions about what she remembers of her daughter’s last moments, Anthony said she is still not sure about what actually happened.

Outrage continues over the death of Caylee Anthony

Despite the fact that Casey was acquitted of the crime, outrage still exists over the incident and the result of the trial, with many people confused about the fact that the child’s mother has no knowledge of what happened during the last month of her daughter’s life and the time she was reported to be missing.

In the trial, her defense spoke of accidental drowning, while there were no witnesses to that event. The media believed that Anthony had, in fact, been lying throughout her defense testimony and that she was guilty of her daughter’s death. In the ap interview, however, Anthony did say that based on media reports at the time, she does understand why people feel the way they do about her.

Casey Anthony was "tagged guilty" from the start

US Magazine reports that Caylee’s mother said in the AP interview she believes she had been tagged as guilty from the very beginning. Anthony referred to a Queen, proclaiming the sentence must come first, followed by the verdict, saying people had found her guilty long before she had her "day in court." She went on to say that “cops believe other cops,” and victimize the victims, saying people lie to cops every day and she was one “unfortunate idiots” who said they had lied.

Hear more of the interview in the video below:

What happened during Caylee Anthony’s last moments

Caylee, 2, was last seen on June 16, 2008, while Anthony only reported her missing on July 15. The day after this, Casey was arrested on a charge of child neglect and later told police her daughter had been taken by the babysitter. It was almost six months later, on December 11, that a utility worker found a child’s remains in a wooded area close to Anthony’s home, which were later identified as being Caylee's.

While the trial proved Anthony was lying, there insufficient evidence to prove she had killed her daughter. Investigators had tested the duct tape used to suffocate the child, but could find no evidence of Casey’s DNA.

At the end of the trial, it reportedly took only 11 hours for the jury to find Anthony not guilty of first-degree murder and the various other charges. Anthony ended up only serving the three years in prison while she awaited her trail and is still a free woman to this day.

However, despite the acquittal, the Florida Department of Children and Families still believes Casey killed Caylee, saying whatever the events, she was ultimately responsible for the death of her child.