Melania Trump became the first lady back in January. Since then, her popularity has soared. She is currently more popular than her husband, President Donald Trump.

Recently, a CNN/ORC poll reported that just over 50% of Americans have a favorable view of Melania Trump. That is up from the over 30% recorded days before Donald Trump took office. Currently, Donald Trump is looked at in a favorable way by 45% of Americans.

Melania's approval ratings have ballooned

The poll showed Melania Trump has a 52% popularity rating. At the beginning of March, CNN/ORC conducted the poll, which they have been doing since February 2016.

Since then, Melania Trump's approval rating has grown to its highest. Back in February 2016, her rating was at 24% and 23% of respondents said they had never heard of her.

Although Melania keeps a low profile, her approval rating has continued to ballooned. She has made a number of appearances, including a luncheon last week. The luncheon was for International Women's Day. Ivanka Trump, Kellyanne Conway and second lady Karen Pence were some of the attendees at the luncheon. Other guests included the Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, Small Business Administration head Linda McMahon and Main Senator Susan Collins.

Michelle Obama's rating

Before Michelle Obama left the White House, she had a high approval rating.

The former first lady had almost 70% of Americans viewing her in a favorable way. Only 26% of Americans had an unfavorably view of her. Five-percent of Americans didn't have an opinion of her.

In the poll released last week, Melania was most favored by men (58%) and white Americans (60%). Men without degrees favored Melania the most, as 72% of men without degrees favored her.

That's compared to the 62% of men who have degrees. Forty-six percent of women with degrees have a favorable view of Melania.

Over 1,000 Americans took part on the poll. The number is 1,025 to be exact. The poll was conducted via cellphones and landlines between March 1 and March 4, and plus or minus three percentage points is the poll's margin of error.