When we take a look at the entire situation, it sometimes seems as if Donald’s daughter Ivanka is the actual First Lady of the United States, not her stepmother Melania. Some may say that Melania is shy and trying to protect her privacy, but Donald’s behavior tells a completely different story. Things like not wanting to open the limo door for her, to wait for her during the street walk, and giving her “the talk” that made her face look like the saddest thing in the world doesn't make Mr. President quite the dream husband.

Some media went a step further in claiming that Melania is being psychically abused, but due to Donald’s power she is unable to divorce him.

It is further supported by the fact that the couple sleeps in separate bedrooms.

The first couple is not a real couple

The Internet went wild last week when US Weekly reported that the president and his first lady sleep in separate bedrooms. A source close to the couple claims that, even though they currently live in different cities, they don’t sleep together even when they have a chance to. It seems that the beautiful Slovenian still has a way to offer resistance to her husband since she is the one keeping this "arrangement”.

These shocking statements only confirm claims that the 46-year old is feeling miserable in her marriage, and in the role of America’s first lady. She is still living in the Trump tower with their son Barron but is supposed to join her husband in the White House in June when Barron finishes school.

US President does not have a high opinion of women

There are many testimonies and evidence that Donald Trump does not have a high opinion of women, except for his daughter Ivanka, who seems to be special because she is carrying his genes and is under his guidance.

The American president surely had a number of scandals with women, where he treated and talked about them with no respect what so ever.

A couple of them even happened right after his wedding with Melania, but she called the stories “boys locker-room talk”. However, it seems that was just one more trained press statement by Melania Trump.