Months after Hillary Clinton's associates claimed she lost the election due to her infamous private email use, #Vice President Mike Pence, it has been revealed, had been using his private email for official business.

The democrats called the Republicans out for #double standards on Thursday, as the matter was circulating in the press.

Pence defended his use of his personal email when he was Indiana's governor, before working with President Trump, and claimed there was " no comparison" between this and #Hillary Clinton's controversial use of her private email.

He used his #own email to discuss issues such as resettling Syrian refugees in the State that he represents - Indiana. It was an AOL account and was hacked in a routine online scam, according to information released Thursday by the New York Times.

In an email exchange in September 2014, Pence asked #John Hill, then a respected and experienced homeland security adviser, to give an "update of the investigation in Columbus (Indiana) following the vandalism ... to area churches" and, Pence included, one of the churches that he had grown up in.

In another email drafted and sent in November 2015, he requested his staff to endorse an op-ed from another senator about Indiana's desire to block #Syrian refugees from coming to live in the state.