For a year and a half, Donald Trump dominated the headlines with his unorthodox campaign for president. While it was expected that Democrats and liberals would become critics, many Republicans refused to come on board, and even those who supported Trump have done so begrudgingly.

Graham's warning

Throughout the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump carved out his own niche in the Republican Party. By doing so, many traditional conservatives were not pleased with the direction the former host of "The Apprentice" was taking the party. The "Never Trump" movement was born as conservatives came together to oppose the billionaire real estate mogul, and even though Trump has made it to the White House, the opposition is still alive and well.

Since Inauguration Day, Trump has been dealing with a constant stream of controversy, dealing with internal scandals, and backlash from his executive orders and policy proposals. On Tuesday, Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, took part in his confirmation hearing, which included a March 21 exchange with Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham.

While attending his confirmation hearing in the Senate, Neil Gorsuch was grilled by Lindsey Graham over Donald Trump and his views on torture. "You have said several times he is not above the law,” Graham said to Gorsuch in reference to the president. "So, if we have laws on the book that prevent waterboarding, do you agree with me that the Detainee Treatment Act prevents waterboarding?" Graham asked, citing Trump's previous support of the use of waterboarding and torture.

Not stopping there, Lindsey Graham went on to warn Donald Trump over his potential impeachment if he followed through on his promise to start using waterboarding to extract information from potential terrorists.

"In case President Trump is watching, if you start waterboarding, you may be impeached,” Graham warned. In response, Gorsuch appeared to agree, replying, "No man is above the law."

Next up

While Donald Trump continues to advocate for the use of waterboarding in the fight against Islamic terrorism, even most Republicans are against him. In addition to Lindsey Graham, Sen. John McCain warned the new administration that they could be sued and taken to court if they went forward and tried to make waterboarding legal once again.