For more than a couple of hours on Wednesday, frightened and bewildered Lawmakers at the #British Parliament were locked inside the house of commons as police officers searched the premises. Some ducked for cover in fear and were told not to move as a frightening terrorist attack played out a few feet away.

Rowena Mason for the Guardian newspaper described the scenes of #chaos as the press and lawmakers were locked inside.

She wrote in a hurried style how no terrorists had gotten in the building but that two had been caught outside. "We have hardly any phone signal.

It is complete chaos," She then added that the information provided to them was conflicting and that they were "currently penned in a corridor with hundreds of people."

The advice from the police was to remain inside and in a state of '#lockdown' and that until they had received advice they shouldn't go back to their normal procedures.

Olly Grender, one of the members of the #House of Lords, said that everyone had stayed put. “We were in a meeting, I heard shouting through the window,” she told the press.