White House faced a security breach when an intruder scaled the 10-foot high boundary wall and walked right into the premises. He carried a backpack and, when accosted by the security staff said that he had an appointment to meet President Donald Trump to apprise him about Russian hackers. NY Daily News reports that he even showed a letter purported to have been written by Trump himself.

The facts of the case

The intruder is identified as a 26-year-old Californian of Milpitas who calls himself a "friend" of the First Family. He was caught by the Secret Service agents as he was moving towards a south entrance to the executive mansion.

When questioned, he said that he was possession of information relating to Russian hackers which is why he had come to meet Donald Trump. The intruder had a letter with him that was addressed to Trump. In that letter, he mentioned that third parties intercepted his phone and email communications and that he was accused of being schizophrenic.

The young man also had two cans of Mace, a U.S. passport, an Apple laptop and a book written by Trump and had been charged with entering restricted grounds armed with a dangerous weapon. He could face a jail term of more than ten years for his actions.

Fallout of the intrusion

The intruder was moving towards a south entrance, and the President usually greets foreign visitors on that side of the building.

He also enters and exits from there when he is going on a trip or boarding Air Force 1. Hence, the location of the intrusion is a serious matter.

President Donald Trump was at that time in the White House. He was spending the weekend in his D.C. abode when he learned about the intrusion. The suspect had come very close to him, probably within a few hundred yards but, Secret Service confirmed that the President was never in danger.

However, the White House was placed under security condition “orange” during the incident. This is one of the highest levels of security for the Secret Service.

Trump later told reporters at his golf club in Northern Virginia that, while the security breach was a very sad affair, the Secret Service had done an excellent work. He also added that the intruder was a "troubled person."