A bill, dubbed “A Man’s Right to Know” was filed by Rep. Jessica Farrar, D-Houston, on Friday and if passed would, among other things attract a $100 fine for any man who masturbates and ejaculates, outside of a woman’s vagina.

As reported by Statesman, Friday was the deadline for filing proposed legislation, and Howard’s submission definitely seems to satirize other recent proposed laws, aimed at restricting the access of women to health care choices and abortions. Farrar has reportedly been outspoken against the proposed restrictive abortion laws and headed to Twitter Saturday to say her proposal mirrors real Texas laws and health-care restrictions faced by women in the state.

Masturbation: An act against the unborn child

According to the wording of the proposed bill, emissions from Masturbation are “an act against an unborn child,” adding that they fail to preserve the sanctity of life. The bill went on to suggest restrictions on Viagra prescriptions and vasectomies, as well as colonoscopies. It went on to illustrate various actions a man must take before any of these options are available to him, including a rectal exam and rectum MRI. Also any “masturbatory emissions” from the man should be stored to be used by his wife for conception.

Texas proposed regulations that would have shut down over half of the state’s abortion clinics.

However, this proposal was shot down by the U.S. Supreme Court in late June. Reportedly if passed, the legislation would have required abortions to only be performed in surgical centers by doctors having admitting privileges to nearby hospitals.

Previous tax-free status of condoms in Texas

According to a report by MyStatesman, Rep.

Donna Howard of Austin, on the other hand, was not being satirical when she spoke up about the need for exemption of feminine hygiene products from the Texas sales tax, as she said condoms had once been tax-free in the state. Howard went on to suggest that diapers should also not be subject to sales tax, currently standing at 6.25 percent.